Cyber resilience in the Internet economy / Daya Tahan Siber dalam Ekonomi Internet

In just October itself I was involved in two major cybersecurity related events.First I was in Singapore for the ASEAN Ministerial Conference on Cybersecurity during its Singapore International Cyber Week. Last week, CyberSecurity Malaysia, our very own national cybersecurity specialist agency, held its annual highly anticipated Cyber Security Malaysia Awards, Conference and Exhibition event. I… Read More

Green Growth for Our Cities / Pertumbuhan Hijau untuk Bandar Kita

Nanning is known as the “Green City of China” A FORTNIGHT ago I was in Nanning, China, for the 4th Forum on China-Asean Technology Transfer and Collaborative Innovation. “ Welcome to the Green City of China” – I was greeted with this slogan upon my arrival in Nanning. Situated in southern China, this capital of… Read More