Cryptography: Guardians of Our Digital World / Kriptografi: Penjaga Dunia Digital Kita

Jump to the Malay version End of last month, I had the opportunity to officiate at the Fifth International Cryptology and Information Security Conference here in Kota Kinabalu City that saw Sabah playing host to the international cryptology fraternity where delegates shared and learnt about the latest industrial development in cryptology. Prior to that event,… Read More

Official trip to Mexico: OECD Ministerial Meeting on Digital Economy

The OECD Ministerial Meeting on Digital Economy had concluded yesterday. Ministers and stakeholders from both OECD and non-OECD countries gathered to discuss how we could upgrade the skills and jobs in the labour market to maximize the impact of Digital Economy, increase internet access to ensure inclusion, reviewing policies that facilitate innovation and that sustain… Read More